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Sell used Cisco – Facts

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Getting the most out of router security is important for securing one’s network. It helps keep a networking running smoothly and without problem. Computer network technicians will do good to remember two commands in particular: enable secret and enable password.

There are several commands in which are used to secure a router in terms of passwords. Cisco announced that one in particular, “Enable password,” has become outdated and vulnerable to security risk. This is because the command uses no encryption to store passwords, and this can lead to hackers finding passwords out and retrieving them with ease.

A computer network is best secured on the router side of things with encryption. Cisco realized this, and released the “Enable Secret” command in an IOS update. Enable secret allows network administrators to get their network using encryption and running great without fear of hackers finding the password out and causing a world of hurt on the computer network in question. Browse this site listing about  Sell used cisco

Gaining access to a Cisco router’s running configuration is easy. Use the running configuration command to bring up the currently stored settings of the router. If both enable password and enable secret were used, administrators can see that enable password is readable for all to see! The enable secret password that comes after it is unreadable, as it is stored as an MD5 encrypted text.

In the end, network administrators will receive much benefit from shielding the running configuration of a Cisco router from hackers and other malicious users. Even small bits of help here and there in network security can mean a large difference in how the network maintains itself in the long run, so be sure to upgrade to the latest IOS and make use of the new password command Cisco offers.